Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I bought this L'OREAL Feria Black Leather yesterday from CVS. I usually buy hair dyes from Sallys but since I never seem to get the color I want i decieded to go with a box color. I've had black hair for a few years now & I love it. The thing is that I never can quite get that JET BLACK shiny color that I want so I am always out searching for a a hair dye that will fullfill my desire & yes you guessed it this dye was nothing to brag about besides the fact that it was the most expensive fricken box in the whole aisle it barely made any change to my hair color!!! I was highly disappointed! The instructions were very clear and allthough I hate doing a patch test to make sure I have no skin allergies ( actually i've never in my life done a patch test with hair dye) I do wish I would have done 1 with this dye because after I washed it out of my hair my scalp was stinging for atleast 2-3 hours !!! OUCH! && it wasn't even worth it! I will NEVER buy this hair dye again! Now don't get me wrong it wasn't HORRRRIBLEE but it didn't please me in the least from a 1-5 i give it a 2 just cuz it did cover up my roots!

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